Top 15 European sport startups compete in Eindhoven

Sport startups from 17 European countries applied for the Sports Tech World Cup last month. The pre-selectors had a hard time to screen all applicants bringing it down to a top 15. These finalists pitch in front of an international jury and investors during Sport Business Day on November 9 in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

The applicants are categorized in six key areas: Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, New Sports, Platforms, Smart Materials and Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality. The selectors scored the innovations on business model, competition, innovation, market and team. One innovation is honoured with a wildcard. As a result 50% are hardware related innovations. Sport eXperience is now proud to present the following companies:

Court Performance / Fun With Balls (ger)
GaitUp (swi)
Goalshouter (ita)
Kinetic Analysis (ned)
Magnes (swi)
Ockyz (ned)
Propeaq (ned)
Rideon Vision (isr)
Rowcus (ger)
SciSports (ned)
Sportgraphs (pol)
Sportskred (eng)
TIQ2Sports (swi)
Wannasport (den)
WearableX (swi)

BeatMe (fra)


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