Slot Receiver


A narrow notch or groove, as in a keyway in a machine, a slit for coins in a vending machine, etc.

A slot is a position in the NFL and college football, where the receiver lines up close to the middle of the field. They are a vital part of any offense and must be able to run all routes, including short and deep. They also must be able to block. Having a good slot receiver can make or break a team’s offense. This article will discuss the slot receiver position, what routes they run, and how they are different from outside wide receivers.

The slot receiver is the second receiver on a team behind the outside wide receiver and can be either a running back or a wide receiver. In addition to their passing skills, slot receivers must be good blocking receivers, as well. This is because they are typically lined up a few yards closer to the line of scrimmage than outside receivers and need to be able to seal off defensive positions.

In order to be a good slot receiver, players must have excellent hand-eye coordination and be able to catch the ball with both hands. They must also have great speed and be able to run precise routes, as well. Often, slot receivers are smaller and shorter than outside wide receivers.

Slot receivers must also have a good understanding of the game and the defensive coverage schemes they will face. They will need to know where defenders are located on the field and what routes to run against each coverage. They will also need to understand the different types of defenses they will face throughout the game, as each defense has its own nuances and tendencies.

A good slot receiver will have very strong hands and be able to catch the ball with two hands, even in traffic. They will also be able to run the full route tree, which includes all of the possible directional and speed routes. They will also need to be able to block, especially on running plays that require them to chip (or at least occupy) a defensive back or safety.

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