Driving force behind Nike’s Jordan Brand at Sport Business Day

Erin Patton, founder of the brand management consulting firm The Mastermind Group, has given advice to Michael Jordan, Venus and Serena Williams and LeBron James on various brand and product launches. Patton was the driving force behind the creation of Nike’s Jordan Brand. On November 9, Patton will share his experience during the Sport Business Day in Eindhoven.

His book “Under the Influence: Tracing the Hip-Hop Generation’s Impact on Brands, Sports and Pop Culture.” explains the connection between music, sports, and culture and the consumption patterns of youth. Informative is the story of Nike’s successful marketing of Air Jordans and how the company dealt with criticisms related to violent activity by those wanting this footwear. In that position he learned the relevance of Hip-Hop culture to the sale of basketball sneakers as well as the importance of being first and setting the trend among the urban Hip-Hop generation. Using the street as his laboratory, Patton has studied the nuances of urban Hip-Hop and even segmented the hip-hop market in a system he calls the 7 Ciphers™.

Arno Hermans, founder Sport eXperience: “Patton was already part of the Sport eXperience network. I’m delighted to meet one of the most influential sports marketer around during our Sport Business Day. His experience is extremely valuable to companies dealing with branding.” Patton will present the digitization of the $15B Youth Sports Market.